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The specialist of heat exchanger
Barritherm skid with a kettle heat exchanger

Barritherm® thermal skid

Barritherm® thermal skids developed by Barriquand are operational assemblies mounted on chasis and incorporating one or more heat exchangers with their régultation environment.

They therefore operate autonomously and are certified according to European directives.

Barritherm® thermal skid
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  • According to the European directive PED 97 / 23CE (cat. IV included) / BT 73 / 23CE / CEM 2004 / 108CE
  • Heat exchangers: gasketed plate, brazed, shell and tubes or Platular® welded plate type
  • Cupboard of power and regulation equipped and cabled by factory
  • Automation developed by Barriquand
  • Basic equipment: gates of isolation, filter, gate of regulation, thermometers, manometers, to purgeur of air(sight), drain valves, probe of temperature...
  • Frame welded steel mechanic carbon or stainless steel
  • Regulations and tests in factory by a qualified technician


  • Complete turn-key solutions
  • Compactness
  • Regulation of temperature
  • Easy handling
  • Saving of time in the installation and in the start-up
  • Maintenance facilitated by a practical access to equipment and to electrical cabinet
  • Possible communication in protocol Modbus or equivalent

Possible options

  • Circulation pump
  • Expansion tank or preservation of pressure
  • Meter of energy with ultrasounds
  • Regulator of pressure
  • electric or pneumatic Actuator
  • Probe of control
  • Application for zone ATEX
  • Insulation

Example of applications

  • Warm water: Interconnection for heat network, biomasse boiler, replacement of gas or fuel boiler, etc.
  • Vapor: production of warm water from vapor
  • Overheated water: production of warm water from overheated water
  • Ice-cold water: interconnection for industrial processes
  • Thermal loop: heating and on-line cooling of a closed loop for process reactor
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