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The heat exchanger specialist
Shell and tube heat exchanger

Shell and tubes heat exchanger

Shell and tubes heat exchangers are designed and manufactured in France and meet the most diverse energy needs for power of a few kW to over 70 MW.

Shell and tube heat exchanger
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Heat exchanger shell & tube

Products and services

We propose tubular heat exchanger solutions suited to a wide range of operating conditions.
Heat exchanger tubes from 100 mm to 3 metres in diameter, under vacuum or pressure up to 400 bar, manufactured from steel or other materials (stainless steel, copper alloys, titanium, etc.)...

Specific or standard-range tube exchangers
  • U tubes or straight tube in shell
  • Bare tubes, corrugated and twisted tubes "Shell&Twist®" (in that case, counterflow heat exchanger is possible)
  • Simple or double tubular plates
  • Fixed or removable bundles
 Exchanger reconditioning
  • In our workshop or on-site,
  • Replacement of bundles according to drawings or models,
  • Finned tubes sets
  • Wound coils
Electric heaters
  • For liquid
  • For gas
  • With or without controls
Thermal optimisation
  • Heating and cooling of liquids and gases,
  • Vaporisers, heaters and condensers (with sub-cooling) 
  • Condensation with incondensibles
  • Water condenser
  • Multi-function exchangers
Mechanical design and construction according to
  • PED
  • British Standards
  • AD Merkblatt

Due to our commitment to progress and through constant analysis, we regularly improve our processes and operating methods for the benefit of our customers. The flows of information and materials are managed in accordance with the company's quality assurance manual. The same goes for manufacturing operations. This rational organisation of traceability ensures that equipment will be delivered in accordance with statutory requirements and the customer's particular specifications.


We have been committed to quality for several decades, and obtained numerous internationally recognised certifications, including the following:
  • PED module H1
  • SELO licence
  • TÜV approval
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • Lloyd's Register of Shipping
  • Gaz de France

The shells and boxes that compose our tubular heat exchangers are manufactured with a digital oxy-cutting machine which cuts and bevels metal pieces. Cutting is either oxy-fuelled or plasma.

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