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The heat exchanger specialist
Barriquand news

Barriquand news

Here is the latest in Barriquand news: our presence at various international and French fairs and expos, company news, recent installations, our heat exchanger case studies...

Barriquand news

      AVH REIMS 2017

      We'll attend the 24th AVH symposium- dedicated to biotechnology processes and diversification of sugar utilization -which will be held March 30, 2017 at Reims (France).

    • PCH MEETINGS 2017

      29 & 30 March 2017

      Let's meet Barriquand team in PCH Meetings in Lyon, France!

      PCH MEETINGS 2017
    • Etude de cas Fontenay

      Case study: compliance and savings in overheated water substations

      Barriquand designed and supplied 140 PCV Platular® heat exchangers for the hot water distribution of Fontenay-Sous-Bois’ heating  network. The project consisted in replacing existing tubular heat exchangers to ensure compliance with the PED.

      Etude de cas Fontenay