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The heat exchanger specialist


Barriquand has been involved in certification procedures for decades.

The units we design and manufacture therefore meet strict quality requirements in accordance with the applicable international standards.

Quality management and a desire for continuous improvement are the DNA of our company.

ISO 9001 Certificate


A construction file and quality tracking for every exchanger

Thanks to our experience, Barriquand thoroughly understands the specific needs of each of its clients. Therefore, we are in a position to choose between different designs, various construction types, and distinct materials grades, according to the codes (CODAP, ASME, AD MERKBLATT, etc.) and regulations applicable depending on the country (PED, U STAMP, SELO, TÜV, etc.).

For each exchanger, a construction file is prepared in our engineering and design departments at Barriquand and ASET.

Each step in its production, right up to its final reception in the plant, is validated by the quality departments under the supervision or oversight of approved organizations and designated inspectors.


Download our certificates: