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The heat exchanger specialist

Brazed plate heat exchanger

Compact and ultra-efficient, brazed plate heat exchangers are used in HVAC and environmental engineering for heating, cooling, network separation applications …

Brazed plate heat exchanger


  • Very low footprint
  • Robust construction, standard exchange
  • Advantageous cost / life cycle: no maintenance
  • High thermal efficiency
  • Special connections upon request

Brazed plate heat exchanger

The brazed plate heat exchanger is used on DHW applications, refrigeration (evaporation/condensation), substations and small and medium-sized district heating installations.

Our brazed heat exchangers range from 0.2 m² to 60 m²

  • AISI 316 Material thickness 0.4 mm
  • The plates are assembled with brazing copper
  • Operating pressure up to 30 bar
  • Connections : DN 20 to DN 150
  • Male threaded connection or flange
  • Cannot be dismantled
  • Counterflow heat exchanger (in general)