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The heat exchanger specialist

The heat exchange specialist

Barriquand is a French designer and manufacturer of heat exchangers. Thanks to over 80 years of know-how, our company is able to supply exchangers and heat exchange technology for all industrial applications and HVAC engineering. Our experience allows us to propose innovative heat exchange solutions for a number of industrial processes throughout the world, whether for liquid-liquid, water-water, gas-liquid, gas-gas, air-liquid, air-air, condensers or other applications.

Our large range of heat exchangers
 is divided into 6 product lines: Platular® welded plate heat exchangers (patented exclusive technology), PCV Platular® units, plates and gaskets heat exchangers, tubular exchangers (smooth, corrugated, twisted or finned tubes), shell and coil heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchangers.

The heat exchanger specialist

Our heat exchangers are intended for HVAC or industrial applications. These tailor-made exchangers are exported worldwide. They offer solutions applied to different industrial sectors such as food and agriculture, chemistry, pharmaceutical, steel, paper, textile, water treatment, energy saving and climate engineering: heat networks, district heating substations, association with heat pumps, household waste incineration units, energy recovery units (interchangers), etc.

Our range of heat exchangers covers all needs (heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, energy recovery, etc.)  and offer custom or standard solutions for your process fluids or your industrial utilities. Materials of construction are varied: steel, different grades of stainless steel (304L, 316L, 316TI), nickel alloys, duplex, etc.

Our plate heat exchanger solutions

Barriquand Heat Exchangers is our company specialized in heat exchanger advice and marketing / sales; Barriquand Échangeurs manufactures plate heat exchangers and ASET manufactures shell and tube exchangers. Advice, expertise, efficiency and responsiveness are the key words we use in order to bring you the best quality of equipment and services.

Our quality assurance service intervenes throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the highest quality certifications of the countries we deliver to are met: PED, ASME U Stamp, ADMerkblatt, SELO, etc.

Our network of sales engineers and partners in France and around the world are there to assist you technically and sustainably in the use and maintenance of your exchangers, right up to the evolution or upgrade of your equipment in case of changes in your thermal regime.

Our thermal engineer’s strengths are designing tailor-made systems based on the thermal data of each application but also knowing how and when to offer standard solutions which are quickly available. They will expertly orientate you towards the best technology. We also propose maintenance for your plate and gasket exchangers and have a large stock of multi-brand spare parts and bundles allowing quick reactivity and replacement throughout the France metropolitan region.



From 10 to 14 June, we’ll be in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) at ACHEMA 2024.

Pumps & Valves 2024

We will be at the international PUMPS & VALVES trade fair in Antwerp on 20 and 21 March.

[Case study] Reheating juice in sugar refineries: performance and energy savings

Barriquand’s exclusive Platular® welded plate heat exchanger technology is recognized for its performances and its assets in the sugar industry worldwide.