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The heat exchanger specialist

Gasketed plate heat exchanger

Compact and evolutionary, Barriquand plates and gaskets heat exchangers offer excellent thermal performances for all your fluid heating / cooling applications in chemical / pharmaceutical, agriculture / food, climate engineering, diverse industries…

Gasketed plate heat exchanger


  • Evolutionary countercurrent heat exchangers
  • Minimal pressure drop, high turbulence, very high heat transfer coefficient
  • Easily openable and cleanable on both circuits
  • Joints are clipped or glued according to model
  • Options: double-walled plates, wide gap plates…
  • Easy to install

«Free flow» wide gap plates heat exchangers

Suitable for loaded fluids, the wide gap guarantee a constant fluid flow space between the plates. Chemically cleanable, they offer high thermal performances.

Application example: heating / cooling of juice, sauces, mustards; pasteurisation of viscous creams, heat recovery from waste-water, treatment of sewage sludge…

  • 9 plate sizes
  • Average groove depths from 5 to 11,5 mm
  • Flange diameters from 32 mm to 300 mm (1″1/4 to 12”)
  • Possibility of special connections
  • Differential pressure up to 6 bars

Materials of construction

  • Plates: AISI 304, 316, Titanium, Hastelloy®, etc.
  • Gaskets: Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, etc.
  • Frames: Carbon steel with epoxy paint – stainless steel (for industrial and food processing uses)