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The heat exchanger specialist

Shell and tube heat exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchangers are designed and manufactured in France to meet diverse energy needs with duties up to over 70 MW.

Shell and tube heat exchanger


  • Made in France, custom design
  • Over 80 years of expertise, know-how recognized by integrators
  • We master complex applications: high pressures, rare materials…
  • Exclusive know-how: the Shell & Twist® twisted tubular heat exchanger, bitubes and multitubes exchangers
  • All the international quality certifications

Heat exchanger shell & tube

We provide tubular heat exchanger solutions suited to a wide range of operating conditions: heat exchangers with up to 3 meters in diameter, under vacuum or pressure up to 400 bar, manufactured from steel or other materials (stainless steel, copper alloys, titanium, etc.)…

Specific or standard-range tube exchangers

  • U tubes or straight tube in shell
  • Bare tubes, corrugated and “Shell&Twist®” (in this case, a counterflow heat exchanger is possible)
  • Simple or double tubular plates
  • Fixed or removable bundles

Exchanger reconditioning

  • In our workshop or on-site,
  • Replacement of bundles according to drawings or models,
  • Finned tube sets
  • Wound coils

Electric heaters

  • For liquid
  • For gas
  • With or without controls

Thermal optimisation

  • Heating and cooling of liquids and gases,
  • Vaporisers, heaters and condensers (with sub-cooling)
  • Condensation with incondensibles
  • Water condenser
  • Multi-function exchangers

Mechanical design and construction according to

  • PED 2014/68 UE
  • British Standards
  • AD Merkblatt

Certifications For decades now we have been committed to quality, and have obtained numerous internationally recognized certifications, including the following:

  • PED module H1
  • SELO licence
  • TÜV approval
  • Det Norske Veritas
  • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
  • Gaz de France


High-quality Barriquand double pipe (tube-in-tube) and multitube heat exchangers are used for sensitive or complex fluids.


  • Low flows
  • Fouling fluids (high in fiber or pulp)
  • Maintaining fluid integrity (with suspended particles)


  • Multi-tube heat exchangers with concentric, smooth or corrugated tubes
  • Retention-free, fully drainable
  • Process side easily accessible and cleanable
  • Process and auxiliary fluid connections: tailored to the customer’s needs (Macon fittings, sms, clamps, flanges…)
  • Expansion bellows depending on the process
  • Commutability of exchange lengths
  • Variation : removable intratubular circuit


  • 316 L is standard, other qualities of stainless steel such as 304L , UB6 , Mo Sup…
  • Insulated aluminum, stainless steel sheet (5/10) or sheet metal finishes
  • Stainless steel or painted steel frames.

Choice of surface finishes 

  • 220 grain


  • Electropolishing
  • Pickling
  • Degreasing

Building codes, regulations, approvals 

  • ASME VIII div.1
  • PED 2014/68 UE