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The heat exchanger specialist

Barriquand group: 80 years of industrial experience

Created in 1936 by André and Johanes Barriquand the BARRIQUAND group specializes in heat exchangers.

In 1992 Barriquand joined SFPI Group.

Company history

  • 1936: the company was founded in Roanne by boiler-makers André and Johanès Barriquand
  • The company moved towards stainless steel tanks right from the start and then began their specialization in dyeing autoclaves
  • From 1950 onwards, Platular® plate heat exchangers were developed for the chemical industry
  • 1975: first sterilisation autoclave
  • 1984 : acquisition of ASET in Saint-Priest, specialized in shell and tube heat exchangers
  • 1991: organisation into product lines
  • 2004: creation of BARRIQUAND TECHNOLOGIES THERMIQUES, including the thermal and commercial know-how of both BARRIQUAND ECHANGEURS and ASET
  • 2010: creation of Barriquand do Brasil