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The heat exchanger specialist

Heat exchangers for wastewater treatment (WWTP) and anaerobic digestion processes

Heat exchangers used in wastewater treatment plants are chosen, dimensioned, and built according to the thermal program to be executed and the quality of the effluents.

Wastewater treatment plants: compliance with the legislation in force

The legislation in force requires that wastewater treated in a purification plant be discharged into the natural environment at a temperature below 30°C.

Barriquand proposes a range of heat exchangers for use on raw effluents according to the program, the nature of the fluids, and the space available.

Wastewater treatment plants: saving energy by recovering heat from effluents

The operator of a wastewater treatment plant can save money by recovering heat from the raw effluents before discharge (even below 30°C). Barriquand offers a choice of plate exchangers for treated effluents according to the thermal program, the nature of the fluids, and the space available.

Wastewater treatment plants: controlling the effluents’ temperatures during treatment processes

To optimize the various stages of effluent treatment, mastering temperatures is essential (biological treatment, sludge treatment, digestate temperature hold, etc.). Barriquand heat exchangers satisfy these constraints of the customer’s process.

Methanization: a national objective

Methanization (methane fermentation) extracts value from wastes by producing renewable energy: biogas with a high content of methane.

The bacteriological degradation of wastes requires holding the digestate at a constant, controlled temperature. Barriquand heat exchangers are a reliable solution, compatible with the particle-laden fluids to be upgraded, which tend to fouling.

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Other Barriquand heat exchanger applications

  • Heat exchangers on utility fluids
  • Heat exchangers on CIP (cleaning in place)
  • Production of hot water
  • Fuel heaters (natural gas, heavy fuel oil)


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