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The heat exchanger specialist

How to clean a Platular® heat exchanger ?

Particularly suitable for exchanges on difficult fluids, the Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchanger, developed and patented by Barriquand, offers excellent ease of maintenance. The proof in video.

Platular®: optimal maintenance

The design of the Platular® heat exchanger, made of stamped plates profiles welded together, limits encrustation and enable an efficient and quick cleaning, either a chemical Cleaning In Place or a mechanical solution with high pressure jet after opening of the exchanger.

More over, maintenance is facilitated by the absence of seals at the surface level, the only gaskets located on the doors being provided to not be changed every time. Equipped with doors mounted on hinges to open it very quickly, Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchanger can be easily subject to mechanical cleaning using high-pressure jet. Thanks to this technology; this practice typically used during factory shut down, can be performed at any time in case of need or problem.