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The heat exchanger specialist

New cutting machine for ASET

Let’s see the features of our new pipe cutting machine. An huge improvement of productivity and quality with this investment made for ASET’s production plant, dedicated to the manufacturing of tubular heat exchangers.

For shell & tubes heat exchangers manufacturing

Designed and manufactured in France by Aset in Saint-Priest; shell and tube heat exchangers include a tube bundle assembled in a shell with distribution headers.

Those shell and headers are now fabricated with a new CNC cutting machine, able to cut and bevel stainless steel and carbon steel. Depending the material, cutting can be oxy-fuel or plasma type.

Linked to our CAD system; this machine allows a real increase in productivity and quality in the shell-bonnet cutting and bevelling. Moreover, it greatly reduces the laborious and hard cutting operations and almost completely removes the grinding.

Discover this pipe cutting machine in video : https://youtu.be/9sYF0ReSSJg