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The heat exchanger specialist
Heat exchangers for network separation

Heat exchangers for network separation

Network separation consists of either mechanical separation of fluids at different pressures or physical separation of two different fluids.


Barriquand exchangers intended for network separation serve two main purposes

  • Mechanical separation of fluids at different pressures, to interface between HP and LP networks. Purpose: to maintain a low pressure in the secondary network (hot water loop).
  • Physical separation of two different fluids (barrier exchanger) with allowance for their physico-chemical characteristics (suspended matter, viscosity). Purpose: to protect downstream equipment, reduce the use of glycolated water or of ultra-pure fluids, and insofar as possible limit the risk of bacteriological contamination (legionella in cooling towers).

An extensive range of exchangers in stock

Depending on the constraints, Barriquand proposes specifically dimensioned heat exchangers with very a low heat transfer approach (temperature difference between the fluids), thanks to an extensive range of standard heat exchangers either in stock or rapidly available.
Barriquand's know-how helps you choose the optimal technology for your process and the fluids to be treated.
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