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The heat exchanger specialist

Heat exchangers for heating and cooling

There are Barriquand heat exchangers for district heating or cooling from a hot or cold source, for installations of all sizes: from micro networks (from a boiler to the points of use: hospital, swimming pool, administrative building, data center, retirement homes, etc.) to urban networks (production sites, distribution networks, and exchange substations).

Low-pressure networks: services and convenience

The legislation in force, along with operating constraints, impose a low-pressure heat network on micro-networks and on most urban networks (pressure less than 16 bar and temperature not more than 109°C).

 Sources of heating and cooling networks
Hot sources and hot water heat exchangers : coal, oil, gas, or wood-fired boilers, incinerators, waste incinerators, waste incineration plant, steam networks, steam heat, superheated water, heat pumps, thermal solar panels, geothermal springs, biomass, cogeneration, etc.
Cold sources: refrigeration units, ground water (free cooling), or reversible heat pumps.
Applications: energy and utilities, domestic hot water, floor heating, radiators, radiant panels, unit heaters, etc.

Barriquand has a large inventory of standard exchangers (up to 3 Mega Watts) at its Roanne facility, allowing a guaranteed 48-hour response and delivery.

For each exchanger there is an archived technical file. Barriquand thereby ensures the traceability of each exchanger sold, so we can be sure of obtaining spare parts at any time.

A network of sales representatives and partners enables us to provide long term technical support, worldwide, for the operation and maintenance of your exchangers.

High-pressure networks: Barriquand's industrial experience serving networks

Depending on the customer’s contract power, Barriquand offers a choice of exchanger technologies: PCV type Platular®, shell&twist®, shell and coil.

Some high-pressure (HP) networks derated to low-pressure (LP) networks still use high-pressure energy sources and require the installation of HP/LP interfaces or interconnection exchangers.

Barriquand’s expertise and production resources make it possible to replace whole existing tubular exchangers (with no piping modifications) or to replace only the tube bundle, no matter what the original make of the existing exchanger (with or without the original drawing). As our technology advances, it is in some cases possible to increase the exchange capacity while keeping the same footprint.

Many public and private buildings (ministries, hospitals, barracks, airports, data centers, etc.) use Barriquand exchangers for their heating or their air-conditioning.



Shell and tube heat exchanger

Brazed plate heat exchanger

Pcv Platular® heat exchanger

Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchanger

Shell and coil heat exchangers

Gasketed plate heat exchanger