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The heat exchanger specialist

Heat exchangers for the beverage industry

Beverage preparation – sodas, fruits juices, beers, wines, champagne, cognac, armagnac, whiskey, liquors, mineral waters, spring waters, etc. – is subject to hygiene constraints requiring tailor-made, inspectable, and easy to clean solutions that comply with the food-processing standards in force. Barriquand offers its expertise in customized heat exchangers – bringing you reliable and cost-effective products.

A Thermal process suited to each type of beverage

Brewing and micro-brewing

  • Cooling of worts (wort coolers)

Mineral waters/spring waters, etc.

  • Cooling for bottling
  • Temperature optimization for the injection of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Wines and other alcoholic beverages (cognac, vodka, rhum, tequila, liquors…)

  • Heating/cooling of worts, must or mash
  • Distillation

Sodas and fruit juices (with or without pulp)

  • Temperature optimization for the injection of carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Pasteurization

Barriquand exchangers adapt to their clients’ processes and specifications

  • Surface condition (rugosity: Ra)
  • Drainability
  • Specific couplings (clamp, din, sms, macon…)
  • Materials…

Other beverage applications for Barriquand exchangers

  • Exchangers for utility fluids (heating, compressor, air-conditioning, etc.)
  • Exchangers for CIP (cleaning in place)
  • Hot water production
  • Fuel heaters (natural gas, heavy fuel oil)


Shell and tube heat exchanger

Brazed plate heat exchanger

Pcv Platular® heat exchanger

Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchanger

Shell and coil heat exchangers

Gasketed plate heat exchanger