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The heat exchanger specialist


Gas processing operations include stages of compression and of expansion (separation, transport, distribution, etc.) that induce thermal effects and with them a need to heat or cool the gas using Barriquand heat exchangers.

Various types of gas processed

Each Barriquand heat exchanger involves requirements and particular technical specifications that impose suitable dimensioning and design.

  • Gases found in the air (nitrogen, oxygen, argon)
  • Natural/fossil gases
  • Synthetic/synthesis gas
  • Combustion gases
  • Methanation gases

Construction file and quality tracking of the exchangers

Barriquand meets the specific needs of the various players in the sector through the choice of design, of the various types of construction, and of the grades of materials.

Barriquand builds exchangers that comply with the various construction codes (CODAP, ASME, etc.) and applicable regulations (PED, U STAMP, SELO, TÜV, etc.).

Every step in production, up to final receiving in the plant, is validated by the quality departments under the supervision or oversight of approved organizations and designated inspectors.

The strengths of Barriquand heat exchangers in the processing of gases

Thermal and hydraulic dimensioning:

  • Thermal efficiency: high heat exchange coefficient
  • Dimensioning with a very low heat transfer approach
  • Construction of high-pressure exchangers – up to 500 bar
  • Low pressure drops
  • Fouling and corrosive fluids

Construction, design:

  • Straight-tube exchanger or U-tube exchanger with free expansion
  • Smooth, wide channels, with no points of contact, that can be adapted to the fluids
  • Compact
  • Self-draining circuit
  • Installation in horizontal or vertical position
  • Numerous materials available

Other Barriquand heat exchanger applications

  • Exchangers on utility fluids
  • Production of hot water
  • Fuel heaters (natural gas, heavy fuel oil)
  • Kettle (evaporator-condenser, heat transfer oil, superheated water, etc.)


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