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The heat exchanger specialist


Thanks to their reliability and compact nature, Barriquand marine heat exchangers contribute to the operation of self-contained solutions for the treatment of fluids aboard offshore platforms and ships, during crossings (water, oil, liquid products – LPG) and for storage/withdrawal.

Barriquand and ASET marine heat exchanger

Marine heat exchangers are subject to rules specific to on-board equipment laid down by international certification organizations (DNV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds Register, ABS, etc.). They must satisfy severe reliability requirements and be extremely compact, in both cases because of the distinct character of the marine environment.

The extensive range of Barriquand and ASET heat exchangers covers the many needs identified. Each Barriquand heat exchanger involves requirements and particular technical specifications that impose suitable dimensioning and design.

  • Atmospheric condensers using sea water for cooling
  • Fresh water cooler/heater,
  • Motor oil heater/cooler, hydraulic oil coolers
  • Gas heater/cooler
  • Electric glycolated water heater (for cofferdam)
  • Utilities exchangers for liners

Construction file and quality tracking of heat exchangers

Barriquand meets the specific needs of the various players in the marine sector through the choice of design, the various types of construction, and materials grades.

For each heat exchanger, the Barriquand and ASET engineering design departments prepare a construction file. Every step in production, up to final receiving in the plant, is validated by the quality departments under the supervision or oversight of approved organizations and designated inspectors.

The strengths of Barriquand marine heat exchangers for ship based systems

Thermal and hydraulic dimensioning:

  • Thermal efficiency: high heat exchange coefficient
  • Dimensioning with a very low heat transfer approach
  • Low pressure drops
  • Fouling and/or viscous fluids


Design and construction:

  • Straight-tube heat exchanger or U-tube heat exchanger with free expansion
  • Smooth, wide channels, with no points of contact, that can be adapted to the fluids
  • Compact
  • Self-draining circuit
  • Installation in horizontal or vertical position
  • Numerous materials available

Other Barriquand heat exchanger applications in marine

  • Heat exchangers on utility fluids
  • Heat exchangers on CIP (cleaning in place)
  • Production of hot water
  • Fuel heaters (natural gas, heavy fuel oil)
  • Kettle (evaporator-condenser, heat transfer oil, superheated water, etc.)


Shell and tube heat exchanger

Brazed plate heat exchanger

Pcv Platular® heat exchanger

Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchanger

Shell and coil heat exchangers

Gasketed plate heat exchanger


  • Heat exchangers and spare parts in stock, delivered promtly
  • Maintenance everywhere in the world
  • Customer service for many makes of plates and gaskets in Metropolitan France

  • Custom revamping
  • Your process evolves, and Barriquand is there to help
  • Traceability of your heat exchanger and archiving of your technical documentation


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[Case study] Reheating juice in sugar refineries: performance and energy savings

Barriquand’s exclusive Platular® welded plate heat exchanger technology is recognized for its performances and its assets in the sugar industry worldwide.


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