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The heat exchanger specialist

Focus on our heat exchangers certified for domestic water

Need of domestic hot water equipment? Barriquand offers you a complete range of SCC certified Gasketed plate heat exchangers intended for housing, sports facilities, hospitals, companies…

Our heat exchangers for domestic water

Since 1999, the Sanitary Compliance Certificate evaluates the abilty of industrial products (including heat exchangers) to be in contact with water intended for human consumption.

SCC certifies that our company meets strict standards for materials for all its heat exchangers in contact with sanitary hot water: stainless steel316, specific materials for gaskets…

The SCC is issued for 5 years, by a laboratory accredited for the analysis of water by the French Ministry of Health.

It concerns 15 references from our range of HVAC heat exchangers (small and large volume Gasketed plate heat exchangers).

Learn more about those regulations, HERE.