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The heat exchanger specialist
Heat exchangers in the mining industries

Heat exchangers in the mining industries

Barriquand proposes heat exchanger designs suited to its clients’ needs in different mining industries, easy to open for inspection and aimed at limiting fouling in the long term.

Heavy industry

Barriquand exchangers used in the refining of various ores

Barriquand exchangers used in the refining of various ores
Barriquand's Platular® heat exchangers designs are suited to the especially abrasive types of fluids, to the installation’s dimensions and processes constraints (precipitation, digestion, decantation...) for the following mining industries:
  • bauxite (for the production of alumina by the Bayer process)
  • zinc
  • nickel
  • rare earths
  • copper
  • iron
  • uranium

Customers on all continents

Barriquand works for large mining corporations everywhere in the world, as an experienced manufacturer in a position to recommend proven solutions.

Other Barriquand heat exchangers applications

  • Heat exchangers on utility fluids
  • Production of hot water
  • Fuel heaters (natural gas, heavy fuel oil)
  • Kettle (evaporator-condenser, heat transfer oil, superheated water, etc.)
  • Heat exchangers for waste water treatment plant
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