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PCV Platular® heat exchanger

The PCV is a very robust PLATULAR® welded plate heat exchanger with a high thermal performance.
It was especially developed for high pressure district heating networks


    PCV Platular® heat exchanger


    • Excellent thermal performance
    • Robust and compact
    • Easily cleanable secondary circuit
    • Expandable bundle
    • No installation constraints
    • Embedded sludge trap

      A high-performance heat exchanger for HP heat networks

      Specifically dedicated to HVAC, this welded plate heat exchanger provides optimal thermal performance for superheated water substation applications (up to 11MW unit) or HP / LP network disconnections:

      • Temperature approach of 5 ° C between the secondary entrance and the primary exit.
      • Very low primary return temperature, optimized efficiency for cogeneration
        Ex: 180 ° C => 75 ° C
        90 ° C => 70 ° C

      PCV heat exchanger design

      Primary side

      • Stainless Steel « U type » Plate-pack with 2 mm thick plates
      • Self-expanding, it withstands pressure cycles
      • For pressures up to 32 bar
      • For temperatures up to 200°C
      Secondary side
      • Circulation in the shell and between the plates
      • Easy opening even with Primary side under pressure
      • Integrated sludge receiver with drain
      • For pressures up to 10 bar
      • For temperatures up to 110° C

      A minimum space requirement

      With a floor area of less than 1m², the PCV welded plate heat exchanger is a compact heat exchanger that can meet all the installation requirements of district heating networks.

      Horizontal positioning is possible in case of clean secondary circuit.


      Download the technical sheet
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