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The specialist of heat exchanger

Shell and coil heat exchanger

Barriquand's shell and coil heat exchangers are used for district heating HP networks or for heating industrial processes.

Shell and coil heat exchanger
  • Barriquand skid for fine chemical

Shell and coil heat exchangers


The heat transfer surface in this type of heat exchanger is a coil made of specially corrugated tubes.
This kind of surface makes it possible to enhance the intensity of the heat transfer.

  • High efficency: higher heat transfer coeficent compared to standard shell & tube or plate heat exchangers
  • Vertical installation: reduced space requirements
  • Easy implementation: various different types available, choose your heat exchanger depending on specific pressures, temperatures and flows
  • Low running cost: increased resistance to impurities thanks to V type connections and corrugated tubes

  • Coil, tube wall, shell and connections: AISI 321 – AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Flanges: AISI 321 – AISI 316 stainless steel, carbon steel

Shell & coil types

JAD (X) range
  • Exchangers with spiral, smooth or corrugated tubes 
  • Large range of standard exchangers: more than 20 sizes
  • X or T type connections: DN 25 to DN125
  • Flanges in carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Service pressure of up to 35 bars tube side and 16 bars shell side
H-LINE range
  • Range of small, extremely compact heat exchangers for low duties
  • With spiral corrugated tubes 
  • Threaded or flanged T type connections 
  • Service pressure: 16 bars in each circuit
B-LINE range
  • Standard range of small exchangers (for heating swimming pools water and other applications)
  • Threaded T type connections 
  • Bundles of straight corrugated tubes 
  • Service pressure: 16 bars in each circuit
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