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The heat exchanger specialist

[Case study] Reheating juice in sugar refineries: performance and energy savings

Barriquand’s exclusive Platular® welded plate heat exchanger technology is recognized for its performances and its assets in the sugar industry worldwide.

[Case study] Shell & Coil heat exchangers on a district heating HP network

A 30% gain in performance and compact units that respect footprint constraints: Barriquand designed these Tubular Shell&Twist® to be inserted into a superheated water / hot water exchange station within a district heating network.

[Case Study] Performance gained by revamping an autoclave.

A Platular® heat exchanger with a double hot/cold plate pack allowed our industrial textile dye client to double their productivity and to improve quality when they renovated their installation.

[Case study] Tubular coolers for emulsified asphalt

Tubular heat exchangers for cooling road asphalt emulsions improved the industrial process and helped recover a significant amount of energy

[Case study] Food-processing : Platular® for porcine blanching in slaughterhouses.

An increase in production, energy saving and easier maintenance for this slaughterhouse  in Doubs who chose the Barriquand Platular® heat exchanger to replace an existing installation on a pork blanching application.

[Case Study] Heat exchangers made of 310L stainless steel for an adipic acid application

Barriquand designed and manufactured 3 Platular® heat exchangers in a rare material to retrieve calories on an existing installation of adipic processes for a world leader in chemistry.

[Case study] Organic chemistry: reheating and cooling of a pressurized loop on a reactor.

An international chemical group equipped itself with Barriquand tubular heat exchangers for overheated water applications on reactors with thermomechanical constraints (pressure, temperature, variability) and important reliability requirements.

Case study: compliance and savings in overheated water substations

Barriquand designed and supplied 140 PCV Platular® heat exchangers for the hot water distribution of Fontenay-Sous-Bois’ heating  network. The project consisted in replacing existing tubular heat exchangers to ensure compliance with the PED.

Case study : heat recovery in a solid waste incineration plant

A French EPC company contracted Barriquand to design 2 heat exchangers for a cogeneration (or combined heat and power – CHP) plant within a solid waste incineration site near London.

[Case study]: a shell&tube to cool down detergents

Upon request from a manufacturer of household products, Barriquand designed and custom-built a Shell & tube (U-type) exchanger to cool down a viscous fluid with alcohol content.

[Case study]: cleaner air for pharmaceutical drying

Barriquand installed a Platular® to replace a stainless steel fin tube bundle for a leader of the pharmaceutical industry.

Case study: Thermal exchange at the service of the heat networks

ASET tubular heat exchangers were installed in an interconnection substation for the modernization project of the Levallois-Perret heating network.

Case study: A Barriquand heat exchanger in a CETIM test bed

CETIM has chosen Barriquand’s Platular® heat exchanger to equip a test bed dedicated to evaluate Eureka pumps on viscous fluids for the oil industry.

Case study: energy saving in agro-industry

A food processing industry based in North Africa asked Barriquand to replace heat exchangers dedicated to energy saving and oil cooling.

Case study: Profitability increased thanks to Platular® heat exchanger

France Plastique Recyclage (FPR) chose Barriquand Platular® heat exchanger to renew an existing installation and moreover to boost its profitability.

Case study: light maintenance for industrial snacking

A company active in the snacking industry has trusted Barriquand to renew an installation with tubular heat exchangers in one of its production sites located in France.