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The heat exchanger specialist

Heat exchangers in cogeneration

In cogeneration – using a single source of energy to produce thermal energy and electricity and thereby recovering as much otherwise wasted energy as possible – Barriquand provides a global solution: reliable and quickly available heat exchangers.

Recovering heat from transfer fluids

Used with a steam engine or turbine, Barriquand heat exchangers recover heat from the transfer fluids while cooling them and reuse it for heating applications.

In order to satisfy your operating constraints, Barriquand has heat exchangers that are just right for your cogeneration needs.
End uses of the recovered energy:

  • urban heating
  • networkheating of greenhouses
  • recovery and valuation of biomass waste, methanation

Other applications of Barriquand heat exchangers

  • steam condensers
  • condensates heaters
  • hydro-condensers


Shell and tube heat exchanger

Brazed plate heat exchanger

Pcv Platular® heat exchanger

Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchanger

Shell and coil heat exchangers

Gasketed plate heat exchanger