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The heat exchanger specialist

Heat exchangers for gas-gas recuperators

Barriquand heat exchangers recover otherwise wasted energy in order to optimize the thermal balance of the customer’s process.

Gas-gas recovery applications

Given the low pressure levels, close to atmospheric pressure, Barriquand guarantees Platular® custom welded plate exchangers, with their very low pressure drops and high thermal efficiency, up to a maximum temperature of 600°C, with the possibility of chemical and/or mechanical cleaning.

  • Stack gas-air: recover boiler stack gases to pre-heat the combustion air and thereby improve boiler efficiency
  • Clean air-stale air: heat the incoming clean air with the outgoing stale air (painting booth, for example)
  • Damp air-dry air: heat the drier feed air flow from the dried air flow


Shell and tube heat exchanger

Brazed plate heat exchanger

Pcv Platular® heat exchanger

Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchanger

Shell and coil heat exchangers

Gasketed plate heat exchanger