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The heat exchanger specialist

Heat exchangers for industrial laundries

Barriquand heat exchangers used in industrial laundries are chosen, dimensioned, and built to satisfy cleaning constraints and to have no wearing parts. They are specially designed to treat fluids with a high textile fiber content.


Industrial laundries: Heat exchangers that comply with the legislation in force

Industrial and hospital laundries must comply with legislations that require their waste water to be treated in a purification plant before being discharged into the natural environment at a temperature below 30°C.

Barriquand proposes various heat exchangers for use on effluents containing textile fibers and a multitude of foreign bodies (pens, compresses, gloves, coins, etc.) according to the particulate load of the fluid, the energy recovery level, and the space available.

Installing a heat exchanger enables to cool the effluents whilst heating clean inlet water, which generates very high energy savings and a very short pay-back of a few months or high return on investment.

Industrial laundries: Heat exchangers for saving energy by recovering heat from effluents

Operators of industrial laundries can save money by recovering heat from effluents containing textile fibers before discharge (even below 30°C). Barriquand offers a choice of plate and tube exchanger solutions depending on the effluents treated and the space available.

Other Barriquand heat exchanger applications

  • Heat exchangers on utility fluids
  • Production of hot water


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