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The heat exchanger specialist
Barriquand news

Barriquand news

Here is the latest in Barriquand news: our presence at various international and French fairs and expos, company news, recent installations, our heat exchanger case studies...

Barriquand news
    • ACHEMA 2018

      ACHEMA 2018

      June 11-15, we'll be in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) at ACHEMA 2018.

      ACHEMA 2018
    • Iran Oil Show 2018

      Iran Oil Show 2018

      May 6-9, the Barriquand team will meet you in Tehran, for the 23rd edition of Iran Oil Show.

      Iran Oil Show 2018
    • PCH Meetings 2018

      PCH Meetings 2018

      March 28-29, meet our team in Lyon for PCH Meetings.

      PCH Meetings 2018
    • Pumps   Valves 2018

      Pumps & Valves 2018

      In March, the Barriquand Team will be in Belgium at Pumps & Valves.

      Pumps & Valves 2018

      STC sugar conference 2018

      Feb. 21-23, let's meet at the Polish sugar conference, in Warsaw.

    • Etude de cas revamping textile

      [Case Study] Performance gained by revamping an autoclave.

      A Platular® heat exchanger with a double hot/cold plate pack allowed our industrial textile dye client to double their productivity and to improve quality when they renovated their installation.

      Etude de cas revamping textile
    • Video Barriquand

      Let's watch our new video!

      Get deep into the manufacturing process of heat exchangers! Here is Barriquand’s new corporate video featuring faces of the people that make our company what it is today!

      Video Barriquand
    • Waste Meetings 2017

      6 & 7 december 2017

      Let's meet Barriquand team in WASTE MEETINGS in Lyon, France!

      Waste Meetings 2017
    • Etude de cas Eiffage

      [Case study] Tubular coolers for emulsified asphalt

      Tubular heat exchangers for cooling road asphalt emulsions improved the industrial process and helped recover a significant amount of energy

      Etude de cas Eiffage
    • ADIPEC 2017

      ADIPEC 2017

      November 13-16, meet Barriquand team in the United Arab Emirates at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference.

      ADIPEC 2017
    • Interclima 2017

      Interclima 2017

      7-10 novembre 2017, Barriquand will be at Interclima+Elec Exhibition in Paris.

      Interclima 2017
    • Echaudage de porcs

      [Case study] Food-processing : Platular® for porcine blanching in slaughterhouses.

      An increase in production, energy saving and easier maintenance for this slaughterhouse  in Doubs who chose the Barriquand Platular® heat exchanger to replace an existing installation on a pork blanching application.

      Echaudage de porcs
    • Khimia 2017

      Khimia 2017

      From 23 to 26 october, let's meet in Moscow for Khimia 2017.

      Khimia 2017
    • SEPAG 2017

      SEPAG 2017

      From 13 to 15 June 2017, Barriquand team will be in the Drôme (France) for the SEPAG (food equipement and process exhibition).

      SEPAG 2017
    • Etude de cas Solvay

      [Case Study] Heat exchangers made of 310L stainless steel for an adipic acid application

      Barriquand designed and manufactured 3 Platular® heat exchangers in a rare material to retrieve calories on an existing installation of adipic processes for a world leader in chemistry.

      Etude de cas Solvay
    • ESST 2017

      ESST 2017

      22 - 24 may 2017, we'll be in Dresden in Germany for the 5th edition of the ESST conference.

      ESST 2017
    • Etude de cas BASF

      [CASE STUDY] Organic chemistry: reheating and cooling of a pressurized loop on a reactor.

      An international chemical group equipped itself with Barriquand tubular heat exchangers for overheated water applications on reactors with thermomechanical constraints (pressure, temperature, variability) and important reliability requirements.

      Etude de cas BASF
    • OTC 2017

      OTC 2017

      From the 1st to the 4th of May, why not go discover Barriquand technologies at Gulf Coast Engineered Solutions' Booth at the OTC in Houston.

      OTC 2017
    • SEPEM SUD_EST 2017

      SEPEM SUD-EST 2017

      We will be at SEPEM Avignon from 24 to 26 April 2017. Visit us HALL B / STAND C12.

      SEPEM SUD-EST 2017

      AVH REIMS 2017

      We'll attend the 24th AVH symposium- dedicated to biotechnology processes and diversification of sugar utilization -which will be held March 30, 2017 at Reims (France).

    • PCH MEETINGS 2017

      29 & 30 March 2017

      Let's meet Barriquand team in PCH Meetings in Lyon, France!

      PCH MEETINGS 2017
    • Etude de cas Fontenay

      Case study: compliance and savings in overheated water substations

      Barriquand designed and supplied 140 PCV Platular® heat exchangers for the hot water distribution of Fontenay-Sous-Bois’ heating  network. The project consisted in replacing existing tubular heat exchangers to ensure compliance with the PED.

      Etude de cas Fontenay
    • Etude de cas CNIM

      Case study : heat recovery in a solid waste incineration plant

      A French EPC company contracted Barriquand to design 2 heat exchangers for a cogeneration (or combined heat and power - CHP) plant within a solid waste incineration site near London.

      Etude de cas CNIM
    • Etude de cas Wilmar

      Case study: a shell&tube to cool down detergents

      Upon request from a manufacturer of household products, Barriquand designed and custom-built a Shell & tube (U-type) exchanger to cool down a viscous fluid with alcohol content.

      Etude de cas Wilmar
    • Article Maestria

      Press releases

      To read: an article on Barriquand, published in the new regional economic magazine Maestria!

      Article Maestria
    • Meilleurs vœux !

      Happy New Year!

      The Barriquand team wishes you happiness and success for 2017!

      Meilleurs vœux !
    • ISSCT 2016

      ISSCT 2016

      From the 5th to the 8th of December, the Barriquand teams invite you to the ISSCT in Thailand, come see them at stand E21.

      ISSCT 2016
    • Barriquand, meilleur site vitrine

      Our website rewarded!

      The Barriquand communication team received the award of "Best showcase site" at the trade show l'Instant Numérique in Roanne.

      Barriquand, meilleur site vitrine
    • Case study: energy saving in agro_industry

      Case study: energy saving in agro-industry

      A food processing industry based in North Africa asked Barriquand to replace heat exchangers dedicated to energy saving and oil cooling.

      Case study: energy saving in agro-industry
    • ATALAC 2016

      ATALAC 2016

      From August 31 to September 2, Barriquand team waits you at Atalac Congress in Mexico, at Runmex's Booth.

      ATALAC 2016
    • FENASUCRO 2016

      FENASUCRO 2016

      Let's meet in Brazil from 23 to 26 August for Fenasucro 2016.

      FENASUCRO 2016
    • Case study: light maintenance for industrial snacking

      Case study: light maintenance for industrial snacking

      A company active in the snacking industry has trusted Barriquand to renew an installation with tubular heat exchangers in one of its production sites located in France.

      Case study: light maintenance for industrial snacking
    • How to design a heat exchanger?

      How to design a heat exchanger?

      Custom-made by our thermal engineers, heat exchanger calculation is a complex process that requires a lot of data and many equations. Are you ready for a crash course in thermodynamics?

      How to design a heat exchanger?
    • New pipe_cutting machine for ASET

      New cutting machine for ASET

      Let’s see the features of our new pipe cutting machine. An huge improvement of productivity and quality with this investment made for ASET’s production plant, dedicated to the manufacturing of tubular heat exchangers.

      New pipe-cutting machine for ASET
    • WTT_EXPO

      We'll be at WTT-EXPO

      Please meet us in june 1-2 in Karlsruhe (Germany) at the international trade fair for industrial heating and cooling technology.

    • Pumps and Valves

      Let's meet at Pumps and Valves

      Please meet us in 20th and 21st April in Antwerp (Belgium) at the PUMP & VALVES international trade show.

      Pumps and Valves
    • Le groupe Barriquand réuni pour souffler 80 bougies !

      Barriquand celebrates its 80th anniversary

      For its 80 years, Barriquand group has just inaugurated its two new production workshops. The opportunity to bring together employees, executives and guests, all turned towards our industrial future.

      Le groupe Barriquand réuni pour souffler 80 bougies !

      Meet us at PCH Meetings Trade Fair

      March 23-24, 2016 in Lyon (France).

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Thermal exchange: FAQ

      All what you ever wanted to know about heat exchangers!  Read our FAQ and discover the answers to the questions most frequenlty asked to our team of thermal engineers.

      Frequently Asked Questions
    • Platular: optimal maintenance

      How to clean a Platular® heat exchanger ?

      Particularly suitable for exchanges on difficult fluids, the Platular® smart hybrid welded plate heat exchanger, developed and patented by Barriquand, offers excellent ease of maintenance. The proof in video.

      Platular®: optimal maintenance
    • Quality: our requirements, your confidence

      Quality: certifications renewed

      Our requirement? Reply to yours. Our quality service has renewed all of our certifications to continue to offer you the best in heat exchange.

      Quality: our requirements, your confidence